Shahedane Kowsar Air Travel Services Co

The company was founded in 1999 licensed by the Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization of Iran and registered with the registration NO: 400859.

Since the establishment of the company, the company has always served the family of the martyrs with great efforts to provide travel services for Holy Shrines in Iraq.

The company is now also licensed by the Civil Aviation Organization and the Hajj and Pilgrimage Organization for all travel services (individually and in group), including: issuing airplane tickets (domestic and foreign), travelling to sacred places (Umrah and Holy Shrines in Iraq), domestic Tours (Mashad - Kish - Isfahan - Shiraz - Ramsar - Bandar Anzali and ...), foreign Tours (Turkey - Dubai - China, etc.), one-day Tours (Kordan - Namak Abrud - Kashan - Abyaneh and ...), and hotel reservations all over Iran as well as issuing train tickets.
Kosar Cultural & Tourism Organization
No 137, Opposite of Arak Ave
North Iranshahr Street, Haft-e-Tir Square
Tehran, Iran.
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