The Imam Reza Grand Hotel Project

The hotel is under construction in the city of Mashad in an area of approximately 7,000 square meters and with a floor area of about 35,000 square meters at a distance of 150 meters from the holy shrine.

The hotel consists of 10 floors with 6 floors for lounges and rooms, and 3 floors for parking facilities, conference halls, swimming pool, sauna, exhibition galleries and a commercial floor.

Features of this hotel are:

1- Construction of the hotel in a place close to the holy shrine, a distance of about 150 meters

2- Using intelligent systems and energy carriers and optimizing energy savings

3- Designed for use by target community especially the families of veterans and martyrs

4. Construction based on the latest international standards

The floor areas are as follows:
Parking underground 4: 4672 square meters
Parking underground 3: 4169 square meters
Commercial underground parking 2: 4910 square meters
Commercial underground 1: 4960 square meters
Ground floor lobby and store: 3376 square meters
Residential floor 1: 2755 square meters
Residential floor 2: 2972 square meters
Residential floor 3: 2699 square meters
Residential floor 4: 2764 square meters
Residential floor 5: 2764 square meters

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