Admission rules

Check-In rules

General Regulations
■ Check – In and Check - Out time is 2pm for all the rooms.
■ Providing original identification documents in accordance with the guest profile (ID / national ID card / passport) is required.
■ Carrying cooking equipment in rooms is prohibited.
■ Changing rooms and accommodation dates or canceling the reservation is only possible when guest is personally present and where the voucher is issued and payment refunding is possible only in cash to the guest himself.
■ Pets are avoided.
■ Observing all Islamic elements is mandatory in hotel.

Regulations and Crime cancellation of reservation:

1) If you do not go to hotel guests at an appointed time saved location just kept empty for one night and the next day will be canceled.

2) If due to cases of force majeure (natural disasters and events beyond the control and corporate governance) stored by the unit or office centers reservation is canceled, payment in kind will be refunded.
is 0.2) in the case of previous written agreement, if confirmed after receiving the deposit the reservation is canceled for any reason reservation by the applicant, the amount of compensation that should be paid (the amount of the advance payment deducted) will be calculated as follows : a: if the applicant has 20 days from time of booking to use, to cancel the contract, did not receive a fine of Grft.b: from 20 days to 11 days before the guest''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''s arrival accommodation units amounted to 20% Price per Ataq.j overnight stay from 10 days to 6 days before the guest''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''s arrival accommodation units amounted to 30 percent cost per Ataq.d overnight stay from 5 days to 48 hours prior to guest''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''s arrival accommodation units, 50% of the cost of staying one night per Ataq.h: from 48 hours prior to guest arrival time, the amount of 70% of the cost of staying one night per Ataq.tbsrh 1: If the guests after booking and staying in hotels, for whatever reason to be deterred from continuing to hotel accommodation, the cost of one night per room will be calculated and deducted from the prepaid amount, except for special cases with the consent of Trfyn.tbsrh 2: reduce the number of rooms booked by offices and tourist services tourism until 48 hours before and up to 10% are acceptable and will not be subject to penalties.
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